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gold-panRegister Online for Eco Explorers Afterschool Programs at your school or community location in a few easy steps:

1. Read the Terms and Conditions.
2. Find your school in the list below and click the button to register and pay with Paypal or a credit/debit card (click here to see a picture showing where to click on the checkout to pay with a credit/debit card. No paypal account required!)
3. Receive your confirmation email with details about your program on or shortly after the last day of registration.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page for FAQs or contact with questions!

Programs open for registration
(in order of start date):

(scroll down for more info on this year’s theme!)

at Westminster Presbyterian Church  (entering grades 1-5)
Mon – Thurs July 23-26  9:00am-12:00pm

Register Through the WROC

at the Upper St. Clair Community Recreation Center
Mon – Thurs August 6 – 9   10:00am – 12:00pm (Area 51)  1:00pm – 3:00pm (Space Lab)

Register through the USC C&RC



About this year’s theme:

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Attention secret agents: you have been selected to join our team of investigators and scientists in our secret Area 51 Laboratory! We hope you can lend your expertise in forensic science for a week as we call upon your scientific sleuthing skills to solve a mystery that is out of this world! You see, an unidentified space craft has crash-landed on our summer camp campus and we’ll need your help reconstructing the wreckage, using our professional tools to study some mysterious evidence, and hunting for other clues to help us solve the case. Oh…and there’s the little issue of the mysterious symbols that have been appearing around the lab. And um…. the strange virus that seems to be spreading now that this craft has landed here… can you help us crack the case? With your skills in forensic science, engineering, chemistry and biology, we are sure you are the right crew for the job! This summer, you can expect an adventure in hands-on science as a live action mystery!







Hurray! I’ve enrolled my kid(s) in Eco Explorers! Now what?

Mark your calendar of your school’s program dates and times and get your little Eco Explorer(s) pumped for afterschool scientific adventures so fun that they will cast aside game controllers in the name of science!

Q: How does my kid get to the program after school ends?
A: Each workshop will happen right after school ends, so your child(ren) will be dismissed directly by their teacher after school to Eco Explorers. When possible, the meeting location will be included in your confirmation email (i.e. Eco Explorers at School Elementary will meet in Rm. 316).

Q: Does my child need to bring anything to Eco Explorers?
A: You do not need to send your child with any materials for the workshops – all materials are provided. If your child has an item related to our workshops that they would like to bring for show and tell, they are encouraged to do so!

Q: Should I pack a snack?
A: While we discourage eating a snack during the workshop for safety reasons, a snack can be packed for your child(ren) to eat on the way to Eco Explorer’s Club after school ends.

Q: What happens after the program ends?
A: After the Eco Explorer’s workshop has ended, your child(ren) will be ready for pickup. In most cases, you’ll need to come to the dismissal location to sign them out. You will be notified of the dismissal location and protocol for your school in your confirmation email.

Q: My child attends extended day, ymca, day care or another program after Eco Explorers. How does that work?
A: On your registration form, indicate on the form where prompted that your child(ren) attend an extended day program. Your child(ren) will be escorted along with any other children in extended day to their program once Eco Explorers has ended and the other children have dismissed. Please remind your child(ren) to be patient while other children are being dismissed until they can be escorted to their extended day program. They are not permitted to walk to their extended day program unaccompanied by an adult.

Q: Another guardian other than myself (parent) is permitted to pick up my child(ren). Should I indicate that when registering?
A: Yes, please inform us of any additional guardians that have permission to pick up your child.

Q: When will I receive my confirmation email?
A: Confirmation emails are sent out on or shortly after the registration period for your school has closed. The registration period is listed on this page with your school’s registration information. If you do not have your confirmation within 3 business days from the close of the registration date, check your spam folder and if it’s not there, contact us.

Q: How can I continue and reinforce what my child(ren) have learned in Eco Explorers?
A. Our facebook page is frequently updated with cool extension activities, science news, videos and other media. Stay connected for awesome real time science! We LOVE when a workshop has spurred additional interest in a topic and are happy to answer questions and point you towards additional resources.