Watershed Program @ South Fayette 4th Grade

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA South Fayette 4th Grade discovers the dynamics of a watershed using an interactive 3D model. Eco Explorers, the DCNR and South Fayette Conservation Group partnered with students to model several different scenarios of land uses, and compare and contrast the effect on the waterways. DSCF0749

It’s a beautiful day to go outside and learn about water chemistry! A 4th grader is using a pH probe to test a local creek. He has learned how indicators such as pH and nutrient tests can tell us many things about the health of our stream! DSCF0752

We discover how the living things we find in the water – like riffle beetles, crayfish, caddisfly larvae, dragonflies, frogs and fish – can help us to figure out if this stream is a healthy place to live!

Check out 4th grade’s student news report on our visit!