buttonregisterhomepageWelcome to Eco Explorer’s, where every learning experience becomes a hands-on adventure! During Explorer’s programs, creative kids are challenged to become crews of scientists, engineers and designers as we discover the mysteries of science, our environment, ecology, and engineering.

quoteThe Eco Explorer’s Afterschool Program meets for a series of weekly workshops at local schools, libraries and community venues in the greater southwest Pennsylvania area. Each workshop explores a new theme, and participants are presented with the knowledge, skills, and the supplies they’ll need for challenges and activities that range from creating a tower that can withstand our earthquake table to excavating real 300-million year old fossils to creating all manners of exciting chemical concoctions and reactions, to designing machines powered by alternative fuels and much more!

Eco Explorer’s Summer Camps are comprehensive weeklong explorations on a topic and are held at various schools in the greater Pittsburgh area. Summer camp themes center around the science of our fascinating natural world and include the Jr. Geologist program, Ecosystem Science Program and Eco Engineers Program among other special geologytopics. The summer programs immerse interested students in the topic with the tools and techniques of professionals and will have students putting their creativity to work, actively exploring current ideas, the forefront of the field and modeling real-life applications for their skills. Whether it is using the techniques of rock and mineral testing learned on day 1 of Jr. Geologists to decipher whether precious gem samples are real or fake later in the week or it is working together to create an anti-venom to reverse the effects of a mock venomous snake bite in Ecosystems Science, campers are in for an action-packed week of educational excitement that will have them casting aside game controllers for the wonders of science, technology and engineering!

Are you a parent, administrator or community member interested in bringing the Eco Explorers to your school or community location? Contact the Eco Explorers to learn how Eco Explorers can serve you!